If I were to approach a gallery...

Galleries only put hoops to jump through for those they don't want to work with. We don't put hoops in front of people we want to work with. I never said to the friends I represent, send me a portfolio. Why? Because I chose them because I liked them. I've asked for things from them since, but if galleries decide they want to work with someone, they'll meet the artist where they're at. 

So the key is to become the kind of person galleries want to work with. 

Maybe you already are that person to someone. Before you approach galleries that you've had little real life contact with, make sure you're not overlooking an opportunity to show your work with someone that right now is aware of you and currently wanting to champion you and your art.

Think through the relationships and connections you already have. 

Often times gallery - artist relations form through previously established relationships. It is usually the already existing gallery artists that help bring their friends into that gallery. So if there is a particular gallery you want to work with, first think: Do I have any friends that already have a connection with the gallery?

Getting your website, bio, headshot, and all those ducks in a row may be important. But it might not be also.