A Little Writing from Ken Yarus

Ken Yarus has been in the desert by himself for the last two weeks -- doing his best Supertramp impression, and probably has a new best friend volleyball by now. He sent the following:


Dear Tyler here is the definition you requested. Sorry for the delay. 

When it comes to the types of fun, Richie Carter is who I have to thank for my understanding of it. I'm not sure if he is the one who made the scale or if it was passed to him. Anyway it is an important thing to understand as it helps you seek out the type of times you should have-and filter the stories you may be tempted to tell. 

Type 1 fun is the type of fun we all want to have. It just feels good. It's those sunny days. Those meals that are perfect. Good times had by all. The trouble is, that's all it ever is. A good time and a BORING story. Nobody cares about that meal you had... No one leans in to hear more. 

That is where type 2 comes in. It is the tale of trouble. Something happened in the midst of that type 1 fun that makes it a story. It makes it a memory and something people might want to hear more of. The wilderness is a perfect place to find type 2. When that storm blows in and you get stranded or that time you ran out of toilet paper. It is the terrible job stories. We all have had type 2.its the stories you laughingly tell around a fire. I love to hear them from people. You can't force them to happen but you can jump into situations that just might make it happen. 

Now type 3 fun is still a good story but it usually involves a genuine calamity. This is where your engine blows up, or someone breaks an ankle. You don't really ever want this. Still with enough time things get funny. 

 Type 4 is a legitimate bad time. This is the totalled car or the hospital visit. They make for the coolest stories long run which is why they stay on the fun scale. We all want to hear why you got to ride in a helecopter but no one wants to experience it themselves. 

Anyway I hope this helps you understand the types of fun and gives you some direction for life. Type one as tempting as it is just isn't worth talking about. Go for Type 2.