I don't really have much to share this week. But nonetheless, I'm gonna publish something ... my happiness depends upon it!!!!!

This week I sat back and ate pizza while my friend Claire Overholt talked with Daniel Keys about childhood interests, a career in art, and how art and design touches each of our lives everyday. 

This week Parker Brown swung by the house for some coffee, some good conversation, and to share a couple tunes as he and I prepare for the opening of PORTAL at Montana Gallery.

This week we touch on Lacan's notion of objet petit a. For me this is an important concept and can be partly understood through studying Rene Magritte's painting, "The Son of Man."

I plan to give a talk on this at the gallery in the coming weeks. This episode was a way for me to think out loud so that I can come to know whether I'm making any sense or not. 

Here's a quick reflection on Paul Tillich's Courage to Be and his distinction between anxiety and fear. 

The rose is without why; it blossoms because it blossoms;

It cares not for itself, asks not if it's seen.

This week my roommate and I shoot the breeze and discuss Hegel and other things we have surface level understandings of. 

Thank God, at times I’m graciously reminded that I’m small, not by cause of other people’s belittling remarks or actions, but because I see the stars above, the mountains before me, the mass of humanity to my back and those unborn that have already and will one day turn to dust. In these ways I remember I’m small. The universe refuses to let us make sense of it. Quantum mechanics can’t be reconciled with Einstein’s theory of relativity. In my own life, every-time I think I’ve got things figured out I’m up-ended. Explanations of the horrors of this life fall flat, and yet this is all so indescribably beautiful! It inspires poets and painters to take up the never-ending task of trying to tell us about it.

It's easy to get so caught up in the day to day demands on our lives and I often forget what it feels like to sense that life is meaningful. But then I think back on times I'm connected with others ... times when they and I could naturally be our authentic, lonely, insecure selves with no fear of judgment. In these moments I sense that my very presence increases delight and decreases suffering for others and they're presence does the same for me. I marvel at these moments and long for them.

Jean Paul Sartre, was a somewhat controversial 20th century thinker. He claimed that "being precedes essence" which means we are all "condemned to freedom" ... In this episode I try to my best to explain what the heck I think that means and what value these ideas may have today. 

I changed the name of the podcast from "The Montana Gallery Podcast" to ... "The Lonely Painter Podcast" ... I did this for a handful of reasons. Mainly, I want to do what I can to help make the world a little less lonely for others, and I think one way we can go about doing so is by admitting to our own loneliness, our uncertainties, insecurities, and our mistakes.

This week my friend and Billings based photographer, cinematographer, artist, poet Mary Kate Teske and I catch up. 

This week I tried my best to answer a few emailed in questions and then went over a few more with Ken and Richie as we sat in Chico Hotsprings...hotsprings sound so nice right now, especially after having just fallen down my studio stairs.

Like the title says, this week it's mostly nonsensical ramblings. There might be one or two halfway decent thoughts in this somewhere. 

My friend Garth swung by to use my internet, little did he know he'd have to defend his love of Jordan Peterson to me...

Whether you love him or not, Peterson is making huge differences in the lives of many people today. Thank you Garth for taking time out of your work day to engage with me and help me to understand a little better why you have found him so helpful. 

In this episode I share a couple stories about times I felt humiliated or really awkward or small and how sharing stories like this can help us bear the hard parts of life -- that in sharing about the wounds of our past, they are in some way robbed of their sting.

This morning Lenny and Jaxi, the owners of Ebon Coffee Collective -- which is connected to the gallery, swung by my place for coffee. Jaxi recently attended the Global Leadership Summit and has some new ideas she's excited to implement into their business. 

I love this conversation with my buddy Grant! If I remember correctly, we covered a lot of good stuff about the creative process, coping with insecurities -- how they can fuel us at times, and how we can perhaps set them aside and just live life. 

If you haven't already, check out Grant's kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2038353113/grant-jones-debut-album-nighttime-friends

This week I'm getting ready for the Yellowstone show! But first, I thought I'd share a few more thoughts on lack and how we cope with it. Also I share a few emails from listeners.

Lately, I've been struggling with Anxiety! It's awful! Here's my story with it so far...

Karyn Mehus helps me flesh out some ideas on relativism and absolutism. 

Coila Evans helps answer questions about finding community in the art world. 

Monday July 23rd - We're trying our best to understand modernism, post modernism... I may be way off in my comprehension of it all, so please feel free to email in with comments, questions, concerns, and corrections. 

Monday Update, July 16. Recorded while on our way to paint in Yellowstone.

For at least a month or so I'm going to publish episodes each week. I'll do my best to answer any questions that are emailed in. 

Four great contemporary artists share their near immediate reactions to Emil Carlsen's paintings.

Come hang out with Josh in his studio as he shares story after story -- each full levity and profound insight. 

Join us in Albin Veselka's studio as he shares his thoughts on art, gratitude, perserverance, and future plans.

Daniel Keys just won the grand prize at Portrait Society! Hear what this huge accomplishment means to him and what it felt like to hear his name called! Thank you to those that wrote in with questions! Daniel was able to answer many of them.

Hop in the submarine with Ken and I as we finish a day of plein air painting in Paradise Valley!

Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, Nate Closson, and I went down to Scottsdale, AZ for the opening of Daniel Keys' solo exhibition, "Opus," at Legacy Gallery...and we recorded a little bit of the madness. So pull up a chair, and join the five of us at this hexagonal table.

Grant Jones, or is it Grant Allen Jones...either way, the man is a lyrical genius. In this episode, Grant stops in and sings a couple acoustic originals...and they're so good! Enjoy!

Ohhhhh man.....I love this guy and his music so much! This episode is my attempt to make an album commentary. Whether your familiar with Parker's music or not you can find beautiful insight on friendship, family, the long journey of a career in the arts, thoughts on speaking well of others when they're not around, forgiveness, the reality that our darkness eventually comes to the light, and much more.

Richie Carter the artist/musician delivers hilarious stories and honest insight into the highs and lows of creativity. He shares his thoughts on composition, finding your own artistic voice, and he let us include one of his original songs. This was a really fun episode to work on. Enjoy!

Episode 5: Daniel Keys talks about his pursuit of art, the importance of mentors, the false narratives surrounding a career in art, and a few thoughts on navigating the art waters. 

Episode 4: Gail Luhman is the owner of Cool Water Jewelry of Montana, but I know her as Mom. When it comes to making art and running a business, she's a pretty smart cookie. I made this episode so that 30 years from now, I'd have it. However, artists of all backgrounds will love her insight. Enjoy...

Episode 3: Kristen tells us about her life as a gallery owner and author, the wonderful artists she's worked along side, her relationship with her late husband Tim, and some practical advice for artists everywhere.

Episode 2: "More than the Weather" - an essay on something life changing for me, and a nice little chat with my good friend Molly!

Music is provided by Ryan Kabeary and Known By Name!

Josh Clare and I grab breakfast and talk art and life. Josh shares a sweet little something near the end of the episode.

Music for this podcast comes from my good friend Ryan Kabeary and his band Known by Name. If you'd like to purchase his album please give me a call, and we'll drop one in the mail for you. 


I was a guest on my friend Matt's Art Brew podcast. He gave me the chance to share my journey in the arts as well as my convictions. I hope you'll give it a listen. You can find more of his podcasts at: http://cmykartbrews.podbean.com/