About Montana Gallery …

For me this website represents one of two sides of Montana Gallery. Here you’ll find videos, interviews, artist bios, their stories, and their beautiful original paintings. Each one contributes to helping me create, maintain, and pay rent on a space that has become a key community hub for downtown Billings.

I believe artists, galleries, and museums should work hard to help us all live well. It’s so easy for us to forget important truths about life: that there’s beauty all around us — even in the mundane things … that our time here is short … that, unlike the belittling words of others, an expansive landscape can help us to feel small in a good way … that sad songs can help us to feel a little less alone in our sufferings … that sharing our stories — the good and the bad — connects us … that despite all the maliciousness of this world a pretty painting of flowers can remind us of our capacity to cultivate the better parts of our nature. We try to keep these ideas at the fore of our minds here.

Each month, on every second Tuesday, Montana Gallery hosts ‘STORY NIGHT’ — a night where anyone can come tell a story to a room full of people. One newcomer remarked to me some days later, “I’ve never felt more connected to a room full of strangers.” As time allows, we also host dinners, dance parties, and concerts — the gallery space lends itself well to being one of the best listening rooms in town.

I share of this other, offline side here so that if you’re ever in Billings, you’ll contact us to see if we have any events you might enjoy attending, but also to hopefully show that we’re not just selling paintings to make money. Of course we have to pay for rent, food, taxes, etc., but along the way we’re trying to tackle the audacious and perhaps arrogant task of helping ourselves and those around us uncover and remember how to live well.

Tyler Murphy Owner/Artist   


2710 2nd Ave N  

Billings, MT 59102

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