Social media isn’t as important as we think

“In order to make it in business, you’ve got to be on social media.”


Except most businesses in America don’t do it! And only a small percent do it well.

So then how is it they’re in business?!

Social media is not the thing that causes people to succeed. Having a great product, knowing your customers well, and knowing how to communicate to them in a way they appreciate is way more important.

The first two years of the gallery were built on bbq’s. We didn’t have any social media then, and our website was basically nonexistent. What we had was a fire pit, a bbq, and a list of clients we could call and invite.

We created a great experience and paintings walked out the door.

If you’re struggling to make headway on social media, maybe stop comparing yourself to those that do it better. Maybe you should focus on the thing you can do better than them.

Chances are they don’t do bbq’s better than you.