I don't believe that any one product is responsible for making great art.

I think you can make great art with lots of different materials.

However, below is a list of several options for any one who doesn't already have a set of materials.

- Canvas -

Panels -- Cut a piece of mdf into whatever sizes you want. Brush or roll gesso on with sponge roller. I prefer ProArt brand gesso

 --or get a roll of canvas and adhere to boards using a ph neutral wood glue or get miracle muck from canvaspanels.com

-- or buy a pack of canvas panels at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or online... I typically order through jerrysartarama.com

- Paints -

I typically use Winsor and Newton. I often use the Winton grade...it is a cheaper grade, so it has less tinting power (has less pigment) but that doesn't seem to matter to me if I am painting thick. I do have several tubes of higher grade Winsor and Newton oil paint mostly with my dark colors like Ultramarine (sometimes I find it nice to have a strong tinting ability for dark areas) However, because of the way I paint, I don't seem to notice differences in paint quality, and if you are trying to pile on the paint...well it's hard to do when a tube cost $40+

Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Lemon Yellow, Deep Yellow, Alizarin Crimson - add whatever colors you fancy

- Brushes -

I like to have an assortment of hog hair brushes and softer synthetics. I typically get brushes at Michael's and Hobby Lobby or I order online.

- Easels -

I use an Open Box M - which are made in Cody Wyoming. If you are going to paint outside often, having a nice pochade box with a tripod is really convenient. Also check out stradaeasel.com

- Thinner -

I simply use odorless mineral spirits from the hardware store. I do like to experiment with Liquin for glazes occasionally.