Richie Carter the artist/musician delivers hilarious stories and honest insight into the highs and lows of creativity. He shares his thoughts on composition, finding your own artistic voice, and he let us include one of his original songs. This was a really fun episode to work on. Enjoy!

Episode 5: Daniel Keys talks about his pursuit of art, the importance of mentors, the false narratives surrounding a career in art, and a few thoughts on navigating the art waters. 

Episode 4: Gail Luhman is the owner of Cool Water Jewelry of Montana, but I know her as Mom. When it comes to making art and running a business, she's a pretty smart cookie. I made this episode so that 30 years from now, I'd have it. However, artists of all backgrounds will love her insight. Enjoy...

Episode 3: Kristen tells us about her life as a gallery owner and author, the wonderful artists she's worked along side, her relationship with her late husband Tim, and some practical advice for artists everywhere.

Episode 2: "More than the Weather" - an essay on something life changing for me, and a nice little chat with my good friend Molly!

Music is provided by Ryan Kabeary and Known By Name!

Josh Clare and I grab breakfast and talk art and life. Josh shares a sweet little something near the end of the episode.

Music for this podcast comes from my good friend Ryan Kabeary and his band Known by Name. If you'd like to purchase his album please give me a call, and we'll drop one in the mail for you. 


I was a guest on my friend Matt's Art Brew podcast. He gave me the chance to share my journey in the arts as well as my convictions. I hope you'll give it a listen. You can find more of his podcasts at: