Daniel Keys | Painting Roses DVD (Physical DVD)

2016-12-27 DVD cover black.jpg
2016-12-27 DVD cover black.jpg

Daniel Keys | Painting Roses DVD (Physical DVD)


Daniel Keys' paintings of roses are among his most sought after works of art in the world. Like many self taught artists, he struggled early on to capture their complex forms and glorious color, but through deliberate practice, Daniel has developed the skills necessary to faithfully render them with accuracy and depth. 

 In this new instructional video he takes the time to share his process step by step, while explaining the fundamentals of direct painting and how they apply to this specific subject matter. 

 "Roses are among my favorite flowers, and I never seem to grow tired of painting them. Wanting to do them justice each time, I strive to understand the underlying components that all good paintings are made of: DRAWING, COLOR, VALUE, EDGES, and COMPOSITION. If I can break these intricate blooms down into simple shapes of color, I can paint them with ease, and guarantee a successful outcome every time I make an effort to do so."

Throughout this DVD you'll learn...

1. The importance of painting from life

2. The three "levers" Daniel imagines when it comes to color mixing

3. The essential elements of sound painting

And more!

Running time : 2 hours, 7 minutes

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