The Last 10%

It’s the hardest part.

It’s the work of putting the project you’ve built up in your mind out into the world and dreams of greatness meet reality. Scary.

But if you can push through you’ll look back a month later, and you’ll know how it could be done better today.

You will never feel quite ready. Nonetheless share your work.




Is it generous?

Art at its best is a gift.

It is one person putting forth their heart to show something beautiful that we never noticed before.

It is not limited to paint and canvas.



Less talk, more doing.

When you have a creative idea don’t be quick to tell everyone about it.

It’s easy to talk all the life right out of something.

Start the project.

Once you’ve started you’ll be in a much better position to decide whether or not to continue. 




Never Scoff

A girl told about a film project she’s working on in which she films various forms of scoffs. It got me thinking….What if we were people that never scoffed?

How amazing would that be!? If we never scoffed, then we would have childlike curiosity towards everyone.

Man! I want to be a person that never scoffs! I'm not...but I want to be!






Recreating with friends and family

Instead of watching the same sports game on television every Sunday, what if with our friends and families we ponder: how can we together be creative with the time we share?

What thing can you and I together make that is unique and that no two others could make.

How can we break our routine?


So you've been hurt...

So you want to lash out in anger.

Give em a piece of your mind and put them in their place.

Yes, that would feel good, at least for a little while.

But what’s the reaction you could be proud of a week from now?


Finding fulfillment where you're at now

In a time when any of us can do just about anything, we’re paralyzed by the multitude of paths our lives could take.

I think that what brings a person joy is not a job title or even the work involved in doing the job. I believe that what brings a person joy is spending each day pondering and living out answers to questions like: how can I bless / be useful / add beauty to lives of my coworkers, my friends, my family, this stranger I’ve just met?

Do I sit and listen, and give them my full attention, phone on silent, eyes locked, head nodding, brain computing? What are the words they need to hear from me? (Not what are the words I want to say to them that stroke my own ego). Perhaps I should buy them a coffee...or maybe cook them a meal...maybe I should write them a thank you.


What’s in your way?

Revolve around the question: Why am I not painting? What’s keeping me from painting?

Often, for me, it's the fact I don't have canvases ready and waiting. It's the fact that the supplies aren't there, ready for me to come do something with them.

Writing is different.

The moment inspiration strikes I speak an idea into my phone, or jot it down on paper.

Whatever your craft, do the work ahead of time to make it as easy as possible to dive in when the voice inside you shouts, "JUMP!"


Accentuate the positive.

There’s enough negative in the world.

There’s enough people that don’t believe in the best of others. We love when people believe in us, make us feel good, and compliment us in just the way we need it.

Sure, we can notice, revolve around, and point out a person’s flaws. But why do that if we can notice, revolve around, and point out a person’s strengths?

Celebrate this other human soul.

Be careful what you say

Our words have power.

If we speak ill of someone, we create incentive to believe in that narrative, so that when we are around them we feel the need to treat them the way we’ve spoken of them behind their back.

If we treat them differently and smile to their face, our inner self knows and convicts us of the incongruity between our present actions and what we’ve said of them before.

Avoid the self conviction, and only speak well of others.

Creating art is a practice

It’s like running.

A couple days out of my routine of writing, and I’m sucking wind.

Even if you can’t run today because you rolled your ankle, still do some crunches.

This is my attempt at crunches today.

Welcome to Montana Gallery

We value...

       the handmade and heartfelt over the mass produced | hard work and friendship | looking someone in the eye and listening to their story


We exhibit...


We amplify...


We host...

          story nights | dinners | a podcast | and lots of random events

We drink...

          a lot of Ebon Coffee!




These are the moments that define you

A friend asks you to come to hot yoga.

You’re an incredibly busy business owner. Everything in you just wants to pull the ‘busy’ card.

Except you know you should say ‘yes’.

Decision time.

These are the moments that define you.

These are the moments you get to practice overcoming fear and laziness.

If you can’t do it here, will you when it really counts?

I needed this advice an hour ago

So that person, familiar or stranger, that’s about to walk in the door... What if you put aside this work?

Become an artist right now. Create something beautiful right now.

Warmly engage them.

Don't answer your phone. Ignore the call. 

Turn your full body toward them.

Look them in the eye.

Greet them. And warmly ask, “How are you today?”

The Answer Is kindness

You can be an artist right now.

You can create something beautiful right now. Something that blesses even the next person you see.

The question is: what do people want and need? How do we bless people?

The answer is kindness.